Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of your burning questions...

1) Do you realize that you misspelled Schooled?

Of course and it was entirely intentional. It's a marketing technique known as Sensational Spelling, also sometimes called Divergent Spelling. Specific use of a "k" instead of a "c" is often called satiric misspelling, or phonemic orthography. in fact, the word "schooled" is becoming a neologism. In the case of the Skooled Zone, it's a double entendre. The video games are beaten in a skillful and humorous way, while the viewers are simultaneously educated through contextual learning. Plus, the word "zone" has a certain group quality, not to mention that gamers are often "in the zone" when they play. Combine all that together for the win!

2) Instead of factoids, shouldn't they be called factlets or just facts?

Again, intentional. The term "factoid" can sometimes come with a negative connotation. According to one definition, it can mean frivolous, fictitious, or insignificant information. I'd be a little hard on myself to think of the info that I provide as any of those adjectives. On the other hand, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, Wikipedia, as well as CNN, the term can also mean a tidbit of interesting news or trivia. The definition I like to go with when I use it on the channel is somewhere in the middle; a fascinating fact that might need further verification. That's my aim when using that term. The factoids I present on the Skooled Zone should not be taken as gospel. I'm not going to routinely include links or citations. The factoids should be springboards for your own intellectual pursuits. If you hear a cool factoid and it strikes a chord, you should absolutely do your own research and expand your own repertoire. My factoids are by no means the end of the line. I don't pretend to be a savant or a know-it-all. Sometimes I might blurt out a factoid and get it completely wrong. It's bound to happen over the years of posting videos every other day. And if anyone uses a factoid from one of my videos in an essay or term paper and ends up getting a bad mark because they failed to follow it up with their own research, then they should shoulder that responsibility. And that doesn't just go for my channel, but any unofficial source of information. It's important to be a critical thinker and do your own due diligence. Now then, having laid out those disclaimers, I still find it important to be as accurate a possible on the Skooled Zone. I want to push myself to learn more as I go and circulate the most credible information possible!

3) What would you say is the most notable feature of your channel?

The formula is simple: entertainment + contextual learning = an enlightening viewer experience

4) Why don't you show yourself on camera like PewDiePie?

To be honest, I'm a bit shy. I know, weird right? An introverted YouTuber is practically an oxymoron. I'm not a complete introvert, though. There's actually a sub-category of introversion called social introverts, or ambiverts. They can be quite social when they need to be, they just prefer to remain humble and let the work speak for itself. I exercise, eat healthy, and take care of myself. I'm actually a decent-looking guy, so it's got nothing to do with that. I just don't feel it's mandatory to seek out the spotlight to be successful. On a more pragmatic note, the Skooled Zone channel isn't conducive to one of those corner faces on the screen. PewDiePie is different. His success hinges on his comedic antics and interesting facial reactions. You could say that's his shtick, and he's good at it. The emphasis on this channel, however, isn't about me. It's about the intriguing game environments and the knowledge gleaned from them. I think it would detract from the flavor and style of the videos to take the focus off that and place it on myself. I'm perfectly happy being the unseen conduit of this edutainment. That's not to say things won't change in the future. In part, I embarked on this YouTube venture as a way to practice being more social. Kind of a personal kick in the butt if you will. As I take baby steps, and get better at it, you'll probably find me mingling at conventions and speaking on panels in the future. It's all a process.

5) Do you have a Discord server?

Not yet, but I've reserved the name in case I launch it in the future! However, I do have a Subreddit where players from the community get together and discuss interesting gaming topics. The URL is easy: AfterSkooled.Club.

6) Do you play any PC games?

I may in the future, but right now I'm focused mainly on console games. There are a lot of reasons why people like gaming on a PC, a lot of advantages, some disadvantages, but I just really like console gaming. I'm used to it; I like to be able to park on my couch in front of the big TV, relax, sit back, and just enjoy the immersion. Plus, I feel like I'm a lot quicker on a controller than a keyboard and so on and so on. That's not to say I won't change my mind in the future, but for now I'm not a competitive multiplayer. I'm focused on the primary crux of my channel which is the let's play style commentary with fun facts interspersed.

7) You've mentioned the After Skooled Club in your videos. What IS that?

The After Skooled Club is simply the name I coined for the comment section of my videos, just to give it a little extra flavor and go along with the whole "school" theme. But the analogy has significance, as it's supposed to be a virtual "club" where viewers can gather and discuss things that came up in the videos "after" watching them. Anyone can be a part of the club as long as you can keep it fun and interesting (i.e. no cyberbullying allowed)! There's also another After Skooled Club for longer-winded gaming discussions and that's my Subreddit: AfterSkooled.Club

8) Sometimes you miss trivia opportunities in your videos. Why can't you be more thorough?

Some might say that I'm too thorough. But as the saying goes, no one's perfect. It's also a challenge trying to judge what viewers will find interesting and what they'll find too trivial to be considered trivia. However, that's what the comment section is for and why I call it the After Skooled Club. I've tried my best to cultivate an atmosphere of learning in the comment section, a place to share knowledge and delve deeper into interesting topics related to the video. That's a Herculean task as any content creator will tell you because viewers can be shy, fearing the trolls waiting to pounce. But for the most part, the After Skooled Club should be a place where viewers can add their two cents. In fact, I want it to be a place where I can learn a thing or two as well!

9) I already know most of what you talk about, so what can I really learn from your channel?

If you already know or can predict a lot of the factoids I discuss then you should consider yourself smart (and lucky). Not everyone watching my videos has the same level of intellect or education as you might have. Thinking they do too is a fallacy. In fact, there's actually a name for that. It's called the False-Consensus Effect. It's a type of cognitive bias where one overestimates the amount to which others are just like them. Remember that people are coming from all walks of life (different countries, different ages, different levels of education, different socioeconomic factors, etc.), so there are always going to be people who might know one factoid mentioned and not another. Who are we to judge? Learn for learning's sake. Besides, my videos are not completely about the factoids. I also include full walkthroughs, tips and tricks, and interesting meta-commentary. So there's basically something for everyone! One thing I learned a long time ago is that I'll never know everything and therefore I never want to stop learning and keeping an open mind. So enjoy it for what you can take away. You never know, you just might learn something new.

10) For an "educational" gaming channel, why do you kill so many people in your videos?

I never said the channel was Rated G. If I'm playing a violent video game, which I'll frequently do on the Skooled Zone, then there's inevitably going to be some carnage. However, I would never condone that in real life. Same thing goes for animals. I'm a total animal lover. So if I kill an animal in a video game, it's by no means a reflection of my attitude towards animals in real life. It's very important that people who play video games, or watch movies for that matter, are able to distinguish fantasy from reality. It's an essential life skill to have if you want to avoid any kind of run in with the law. Fortunately, there's been a long-term study that debunks any link between video games and violent activity (another one here). I think as long as children and young adults get nurturing and guidance from their home environment, they'll learn to make the right choices in life and avoid any criminal activity.

11) Besides some violent video games, is the channel otherwise family-friendly?

Definitely. I limit all profanity during the commentary, and the channel provides a great way for family members to discuss interesting scientific and social topics that might not otherwise be discussed without a contextual trigger.

12) What kind of gear do you use to play and record?

Actually, I've got the whole list on both the About page of the channel and my Support page. Check it out!

13) Do you record your videos "live" or voice them over later?

For about 95% of my videos, I record the audio and video at the same time while I'm playing. I simply record them onto separate file tracks with separate programs running simultaneously. That way I can edit the audio and video tracks independently in post. It makes life easier if I have to, for example, speed up the footage in slow parts but keep my narration going.

14) Are you really going to donate all profits from merch to charity?

You bet! Check out the video explaining it all here:

15) Do you realize you're kinda goofy sometimes?

Absolutely. And I embrace it. Education doesn't have to be serious all the time. Learnin' is supposed to be fun. Plus, that's the name of one of my favorite Disney characters as well. So hey...

16) Do you have a Paypal or Patreon account, or some other way I can support the channel?

Very kind of you to ask and most appreciated! I don't have a public PayPal, but I do have a Patreon account. Very cool rewards for all levels. Head over to my Support page and you'll see the link as well as other ways to help support the Skooled Zone. More support = more videos + more game knowledge!

17) Can I get a shout-out in one of your videos?

As a matter of fact, I have something specifically for that. Check out this video!

18) Can I ask you a question?

Certainly! Head over to the Contact page and submit a question under the "Questions for the FAQ" section. Looking forward to answering it, and even posting it if it will help others.