The Skooled Zone Lingo

For those of you becoming familiar with my all-in-one YouTube gaming channel, you may have come across some lingo that I use during my videos that's a bit different from other gaming channels. To keep you in the loop, I thought I'd create a jargon page that will help define some of these coined phrases so you can get the most out of your Skooled Zone viewing experience. Some of the terms I devoted a whole video to, so those words will be links directly to that video. Others will be defined directly on this page, or linked to a Wikipedia definition. I'll continue adding more as the channel evolves. And feel free to email me with any suggestion for other terms to add to this page. You can also tweet them to me at:

  • After Skooled Club

  • Contextual Learning

  • Flitch — Glitches happen sometimes in video games. It's the nature of the beast. Often glitches spell trouble leading to frozen games or lost saves. However, once in a while, a glitch can arise that is entertaining or can be exploited for gains within the context of the video game. These are considered "fun" glitches or flitches, a portmanteau I coined during my commentary on this video. While the word flitch has other meanings in other industries, in the video game world, it'll be our new word meaning a fun glitch.

  • Longplay

  • Lootin' & Skoolin' — This is a comedic catch-phrase I use during my trivia walkthroughs when I am specifically searching for things within the game to loot in-character or "skool" out-of-character in terms of providing interesting factoids about within the context of the game.

  • Love, Peace, Knowledge — This is my usual catch-phrase for the ending of the Homeroom Announcement videos. It's a variation on the traditional phrase, "Love, Peace, Karma" or "Love, Peace, Kindness." Because the Skooled Zone is an edutainment or infotainment channel, "Knowledge" would be the more appropriate replacement to make it unique for the brand. As Sir Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge is Power" but Love and Peace are also important moral values to uphold.

  • Open Mic — Occasionally I open up the trivia element in a video to the viewers (see "Trivia Walkthrough" below). If one of my walkthroughs is designated an "Open Mic" episode, then I don't give any factoids during the gameplay myself. Instead, I ask for contributions from the audience. This is done to promote audience participation so that hopefully one day the After Skooled Club will become a vibrant place of discussion for the various educational elements stemming from the episode.

  • Portmantendre — A new word I coined during the first Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video that I posted to the channel. It means a cross between a portmanteau and a double-entendre.

  • Skooled — In the context of the Skooled Zone channel, "Skooled" is a double-entendre. On the one hand, it means to skillfully overcome a challenge (i.e. - "That monster got skooled"). One the other hand, it means to educate someone about an interesting real life fact using the environmental context of video games (i.e. contextual learning). Combined, "Skooled" is the perfect label for what we do on the channel. We skillfully best challenges and obstacles in popular video games, while simultaneously expanding our knowledge of real world facts and trivia.

  • Skulkat — The name of my Elder Scrolls: Skyrim character that I created especially for my Saturday Nights Specials playlist. In the video, I explain how I came up with the name and what it means. I even show a nifty insignia that I created for him.

  • Stay Smart — This is usual my catch-phrase for the ending of my Trivia Walkthrough videos. It's my take on a traditional sign-off for my videos to give people something aspirational to contemplate long after watching. Besides having something catchy to sign-off with, being smart and responsible is a good character trait to encourage.

  • Student Lounge — This is the nickname the viewers voted for the new Community section on the Skooled Zone YouTube channel. The quick URL is

  • Trivia Walkthrough™ — A trivia walkthrough is the Skooled Zone's special variation on the traditional let's play or longplay walkthrough. During my videos, I pause to give fun facts and trivia about things that come up in the gaming environment. This is called contextual learning and it's one of the best ways to retain knowledge. See my About page for information on this.

  • ✌ — Known as both the "Peace Hand" and the "Victory Hand" this is the symbol that ends the description section on all my videos. How cool is it that a symbol can represent both victory and peace? To me that means peaceful victory, which is awesome in a world so full of war. But it's also a great way for me to express the common parting sentiment, "Peace Out!"

Now you're a Skooled Zone insider! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the channel...