Questions Answered

Below is a list of questions that have come up in the various game series and other videos on the Skooled Zone. These fun facts are in alphabetical order by topic (the word in bold). On a desktop, you can press CRTL+F or CMD+F to search for a topic keyword. On smartphones, there's usually a "find on page" magnifying glass icon in the lower menu or a search box at the top. Clicking on a link below will take you to that precise point in the video where you can hear the answer to the question in context or see a trivia pop-up. If you're feeling curious, you can also head over to the Potential SAT Words page for more.

  1. What is an abbey?
  2. When was air conditioning invented?
  3. When were alarms invented?
  4. What is an almshouse?
  5. What are aqueducts?
  6. What is an artificer?
  7. What is an aristocracy?
  8. What is an ascot?
  9. Do audiograph players really exist?
  10. What exactly is an admiral?
  11. What is an archipelago?
  12. What is a barrister?
  13. Where does the nickname Bart come from?
  14. What is the oldest baseball park in history?
  15. What is a bastion?
  16. What is a bathhouse?
  17. What is a bawdy show?
  18. What is a beanery?
  19. When was the beer tap invented?
  20. What is a berth?
  21. What is bile?
  22. What is bitterleaf?
  23. What is a black crab?
  24. When were black holes first proposed?
  25. How many people has the black plague killed?
  26. Which historical figure bathed in blood?
  27. What is a blotter?
  28. What are bodhi seeds?
  29. What is a boiler?
  30. What are those rolling book racks called?
  31. What is Boston's nickname and why?
  32. What are boundary stones?
  33. What does a bowler hat look like?
  34. What is a bowsprit?
  35. What is “bra” short for?
  36. What are brain fevers?
  37. What is brandy made from?
  38. What does a "breed apart" mean?
  39. What was the Buddha's real name?
  40. Who is the fat belly Buddha?
  41. What is a Bunsen burner?
  42. Where did the term butler come from?
  43. What is a cameo?
  44. What were early candles made of?
  45. What does carnal mean?
  46. What is carnivale?
  47. Difference between carotid and jugular?
  48. What's the Japanese good luck cat called?
  49. How big can catfish grow?
  50. What are catfish whiskers called?
  51. What is a cautionary tale?
  52. Why do they put chairs upside down on tables?
  53. Can cheese be made from an ox?
  54. Why is cheese made into wheel shapes?
  55. What does circumscribed mean?
  56. What is a chullo?
  57. What are churners?
  58. What is cider made from?
  59. What does clavering mean?
  60. What exactly are cobwebs?
  61. Combinations vs. permutations?
  62. What is the Comstock Law?
  63. What does concourse mean?
  64. What is a conduit?
  65. When was confetti invented?
  66. What is a conservatory?
  67. What is consumptive illness?
  68. What are some cool facts about copper?
  69. What is coriander?
  70. When were cosmetics invented?
  71. What is a crime racket?
  72. What is a curing barn?
  73. What is a cut-purse?
  74. How does cyanide kill?
  75. What is a davit?
  76. What is a dead drop?
  77. Did explosive dogs exist?
  78. When were dolls invented?
  79. What are those drama masks called?
  80. When was the electric car invented?
  81. When was the electric railcar invented?
  82. What are some fun facts about the Empire Scorpion?
  83. Did Dr. Galvani really exist?
  84. What is gelatin made of?
  85. What are some fun facts about dragonflies?
  86. Where did the word eavesdropping come from?
  87. What are eddies?
  88. When were elevators invented?
  89. What is an empty set?
  90. What is an epitaph?
  91. What does “ere was” mean?
  92. What are Faberge Eggs?
  93. What is the fear of falling called?
  94. Any famous female gang leaders in history?
  95. What is a magical fetish?
  96. What are figs?
  97. What is a fire box?
  98. What is fire water?
  99. When were fireworks invented?
  100. What is fishmonger?
  101. What is five-pin billiards?
  102. What are some cool facts about flares?
  103. What flowers are blue or purple?
  104. What is a flue?
  105. When were fluorescent lamps invented?
  106. What is a food taster?
  107. What are formative years?
  108. What is a gaffer?
  109. Who was Gary Sheffield?
  110. What are gentlemen callers?
  111. How do you pronounce Geoff?
  112. What does “git up” mean?
  113. When was graffiti invented?
  114. Who was the Greek muse of comedy?
  115. Who was the Greek muse of tragedy?
  116. What is the Green Monster?
  117. What does greenhorn mean?
  118. What does cooking a grenade mean?
  119. When were grenades invented?
  120. What is a grindstone made out of?
  121. Is habber weed real?
  122. Do hagfish really exist?
  123. When was the harp invented?
  124. What is a harpsichord?
  125. What is a headsman?
  126. What is a hearth?
  127. What is hemlock?
  128. What is a hermaphrodite?
  129. When was hide and seek invented?
  130. How was Hollywood started?
  131. Who's hit the most home-runs in baseball?
  132. What is a hookah?
  133. What does ilk mean?
  134. What are ill humors?
  135. What is an impala?
  136. When did the Industrial Revolution take place?
  137. What is an ingot?
  138. What does intel mean?
  139. What are intermodal containers?
  140. What are jellied eels?
  141. When did Jello originate?
  142. What is a jewel box park?
  143. What is a jobber?
  144. What does juke mean?
  145. What kids toy is used by modern soldiers?
  146. What is a kinsman?
  147. Do knives go on the left or right?
  148. Why do knuckles crack?
  149. What's in an L-pill?
  150. What is a Laplander?
  151. What is laudanum?
  152. When were lifeboats invented?
  153. What are life preservers made of?
  154. How to calculate lock combinations?
  155. Where's the Lone Red Seat in Diamond City?
  156. What is a looking glass?
  157. What is lucid dreaming?
  158. What are malas?
  159. What is a marquis?
  160. How did masquerades originate?
  161. What is a mausoleum?
  162. When did people first put messages in a bottle?
  163. When was the microphone invented?
  164. When was the microscope invented?
  165. Who popularized the mind-body debate?
  166. Who invented miniature war games?
  167. What is a mite?
  168. What is mithridate?
  169. What is a mobius strip?
  170. What is a mnemonic?
  171. What is the mucosa?
  172. What is Natural Philosophy?
  173. What is neon?
  174. What are nettle seeds?
  175. What does "nigh on" and "ne'er" mean?
  176. Should you wake someone from a nightmare?
  177. Where did the term nightmare come from?
  178. Who was Nikola Tesla?
  179. How many notes in a scale?
  180. What is an old man salt?
  181. What is an opal?
  182. Where does opium come from?
  183. What is an oracle?
  184. What are the Outer Spheres?
  185. When were ovens invented?
  186. What are those paper balloons called?
  187. What is a parabola?
  188. What is a parlor?
  189. What is parthenogenesis?
  190. What is a pavilion?
  191. What are pearls made of?
  192. What are some cool facts about pears?
  193. Where did the term Peeping Tom come from?
  194. When was the pendulum clock invented?
  195. What is Pensky's Pole?
  196. Can video games teach personal finances?
  197. What does perversions mean?
  198. What is phossy jaw?
  199. What is physiology?
  200. Which city is most known for pickpockets?
  201. What's the best way to avoid pickpockets?
  202. What are pictographic sigils?
  203. What's the difference between a pier and a wharf?
  204. What are those pier posts called?
  205. When was the pistol crossbow invented?
  206. Where did those plastic pink flamingos originate?
  207. When were pocket watches invented?
  208. What is a pole arm?
  209. What is potted meat?
  210. What is a prefect?
  211. What is a procurement clerk?
  212. What is a provisioner?
  213. What is a prow?
  214. What is a pumphouse?
  215. What are pustules?
  216. What is a pyrotechnician?
  217. What does quarternoinic mean?
  218. What is a quay?
  219. What is quid pro quo?
  220. When were radiators invented?
  221. When was radio broadcasting invented?
  222. What is a ration allotment?
  223. What are some interesting facts about rats?
  224. What is a group of rats called?
  225. What is rat torture?
  226. What is a refinery?
  227. What is a regency?
  228. What is resonance?
  229. What is a retort?
  230. What are those room dividers called?
  231. What is a sanctum?
  232. What is a scaffold?
  233. What are scented letters?
  234. What is scrimshaw?
  235. What is a scrub forest?
  236. What are sea marks?
  237. What's a serf?
  238. Any interesting facts about sewers?
  239. What is a sextant?
  240. What is a mythical siren?
  241. What is a skein?
  242. What is a skeleton key?
  243. What are slipaways?
  244. What is a soirée?
  245. Do supernatural sounds exist?
  246. What is a spittoon?
  247. When was stilt-walking invented?
  248. What are stocks?
  249. When were street lamps invented?
  250. How did stress balls originate?
  251. What are strictures?
  252. What does sun-dappled mean?
  253. What does suss out mean?
  254. What is a swig?
  255. What is tallow?
  256. What is a tariff?
  257. What is a tartlet?
  258. Any interesting facts about taxes?
  259. Where did teddy bears originate?
  260. How did teddy bears get their name?
  261. What is a tenement?
  262. What are tertiary colors?
  263. What is tethering a ship called?
  264. What is a thrall?
  265. How long before dying after throat is slit?
  266. Who said toil and trouble?
  267. What's the international treaty on torture called?
  268. What is a tramway?
  269. What tranquilizers are used on dogs?
  270. Where does transversal mean?
  271. What is a treaty?
  272. What are tributaries?
  273. What is a trident?
  274. What is a turbine?
  275. What are underpinnings?
  276. What is an undertaker?
  277. What is a valise?
  278. When was the vice invented?
  279. What is a VIP entrance?
  280. What does viscera mean?
  281. What is a vivisectionist?
  282. What are some crazy facts about vomit?
  283. What is a voyeur?
  284. What is a water district?
  285. What is a water lock?
  286. What does weaks mean?
  287. What is a group of whales called?
  288. Do people eat whale meat?
  289. Does whale oil really exist?
  290. What are whale teeth made of?
  291. What is a whaling ship called?
  292. Is whiskey different from bourbon or scotch?
  293. What's that white paint on tree trunks for?
  294. What is white phosphorus?
  295. What is white vinegar?
  296. Where did wolfhounds come from?
  297. When was the wrench invented?
  298. What diseases create zombies (weepers)?
  299. What is a zoological survey?